TVAprende’s sole purpose is to accelerate your momentum. But what does that mean to us? Well, as we thought about how to explain what we do, we thought of a SHERPA.

What is a sherpa?


I am not sure if you have seen videos or pictures of people climbing the highest peaks in the Himalayas.  Camping at basecamp.  Climbing.  Reaching the top.  Or sadly, die trying.  


A permanent fixture in these videos and pictures are the images of Sherpas.  


These are individuals who have lived their entire lives going up and down those mountains.  


Through decades and generations these people have gained an unparalleled amount of wisdom and knowledge about their surroundings.  About these majestic mountains.  


That level of wisdom and understanding makes Sherpas essential for any expert climber wanting to reach the top of, say, Everest or K2.  


That’s the key adjective to describe a climber.  Expert.


Why would an “expert” climber need a sherpa to help her reach the top of Everest?  I mean, she’s an expert climber, right?  


She is, but what she may not be an expert at is having a truly deep understanding of the mountain in front of her and all the dangers that exist while going up.  


She could go at it by herself but that’s risky.  I mean, this could prove fatal.  


That’s why a sherpa is essential.  


A sherpa can make the difference between succeeding and surviving.